Yarn Christmas Wreath - Step 1, Base

This wreath is made very simply with a pompom base secured to a wire frame, which can then be embellished as above or however you choose.

You will Need:- 

1 wire coathanger
Yarn - 3 different shades of dk green, 1(50g minimum) ball each, 1 ball of dk red, small, 1 ball of dk brown (shade as pictured above), small amount of dk white, small amount of dk yellow, strong adhesive tape (I used electrical tape), fabric adhesive, PVA glue.
1 x 4 mm crochet hook, 1x pair 4mm knitting needles, pliers, Wire cutter.


1. Using the green yarn and the template provided (click here for template), make 9 pompoms, Leaving the yarn you have used to tie the centre as long as possible (15cm will be enough). You can follow the Shade combination I have used (pictured below), use a combination of your own, or perhaps choose to use only one shade of green for the base.

2. Using the wire cutters, carefully remove the top of the hook from the wire coat hanger, leaving about 3-4 cm of the twisted part. Shape the coat hanger into a circle, the diameter of which will be about 23cm (doesn't matter if it is  slightly inaccurate at this stage.

3. Using the pliers bend over the remaining twisted wire, lay it flat against the circle and secure with strong adhesive tape, making sure that it is covered and that no extra bits of wire are sticking out.

4. Using the long tie strands, tie each pompom onto the wire circle, spacing evenly. At this stage they will be loose and move easily.

5. Using the template provided (click here for template), cut out a felt ring (pictured below)

6. Place your wreath of pompoms, front side down, on a level, clean, protected surface. Making sure your pompoms are arranged and spaced correctly, with fabric glue (I used latex adhesive) stick the felt ring evenly over  the pompoms to secure them in place (as pictured below). Leave for the necessary time to dry.

7. When the backing has dried turn over the wreath to face up wards. Arrange in place and lightly brush over a rough, thin layer of PVA glue. This should hold the strands of yarn in place, and stop gravity making them 'flop' downwards. Adding embellishments will also help this. Leave to dry, preferably overnight.

You now have your Christmas Yarn Wreath Base Ready to embellish.

Want to know how to decorate it? 

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