Appliqué Flower Cushion Cover Instructions

These are instructions on how to appliqué. Should you wish to make the cushion, there is a pattern I have provided for free, the details of which can be found HERE.

You will need scraps of fabric. One large enough to make a cushion cover (no less than 50cm square)and one or more from which you will take the images to apply to the base fabric. You will also need about 50cm of Bondaweb, and a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch function. 

Roughly cut out the Bondaweb (use a template if necessary - drawing on to the paper side of the Bondaweb) in the same shape as the image(s) you will be cutting out to attach, but about 1cm larger all the way around. 
Place the Bondaweb, paper side up, onto the reverse side of the fabric you wish to cut the image(s) from,  making sure you cover all of the image(s) you wish to use. Fix by ironing as per the instructions provided with the Bondaweb.

Very neatly cut out your chosen images(s), taking care to move them as little as possible to minimise any fraying of the cut edges, although, to an extent the Bondaweb should help this. Peel off the paper from the underside of the Bondawebbed image.

Place your image, right side facing upwards onto the right side of your base fabric, positioned carefully where you wish to attach it.

Fix by ironing, as per the instructions provided with the Bondaweb. Further information can be obtained HERE.

Using the zig-zag function on your sewing machine neatly sew around the edge of the ironed-on image, taking care to just slightly sew over the edge on to the base fabric. Useful tip: By lessening the pressure on the sewing machine foot (you will find intructions on how to do this in your sewing machine manual) you will be able to manoeuvre more easily around corners, sharp turns and curves - thus giving you more control for a neater finish. It should look like the image below. I would advise doing a test run first.

You now have your image neatly and securely attached to your base fabric to give you a great cushion front.

To make the cushion you will need to download my free Easy Cushion Pattern, and follow the instructions given. There are no fastenings on this style to make it extra easy. You can get the pattern HERE

Happy Cushion Making.

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