Fluoro Snowflake

Finished flake measures approx  6cm in diameter. 

You will need
1 x 3.5mm(US size4/E) crochet hook,1 x large yarn needle for weaving in loose ends.  16 - 20cm (depending on how long yo prefer) fine gold, silver or plain thread for hanging.

Any DK yarn. A small amount of fluoro pink, orange, watermelon , green, yellow or any other colour of your choice. This pattern is great for using up old oddments.
Tension Gauge
A tight tension is needed for this project. This should be acheived with the specified hook size. 

approx = approximately, beg = begin(ning), ch = chain, ch sp = chain space (refers to chain previously made), dc = double crochet, prev = previous, rem = remain,  sl-st = slip stitch, sp(s) = space(s), st(s) = stitch(es), 

Crochet Instructions

Foundation chain: Ch 3, join with sl st to make a small ring
Round 1: Ch 2(counts as first st), 11dc into centre of chain ring. Sl st into 1st ch.
Round 2: *Ch 8, sl-st into 2nd ch sp fr hook, sl-st into next 3 ch sp, ch 4, turn, sl-st into 2nd ch sp fr hook, sl-st into next 3 ch sp (the 3rd ch sp will already have been used as the previous 3rd ch sp, this will form the base of the forks), sl-st into next 3 ch sp (you will now be back at the dc base ring)*, sl-st into next two dc, repeat from * to * 5 times until you get to the las rem dc of the base ring, sl-st into last dc, fasten off and weave in loose ends. 

See diagram below 

When you have made the snowflake, it's not going to look how it should as the yarn is soft and flexible (see below) so you will need to shape and stiffen the snowflake so that it will remain symmetrical and rigid - otherwise you will not be able to hang it. 

Pin out and coat with PVA glue and alllow to dry at least overnight. Other suitable stiffeners are Paverpol Fabric Stiffener or wood glue. These will provide a much more rigid finish.
Attach a fine thread with which to hang the snowflake (length specified above).

And there you have it - a great addition to any christmas tree.

This pattern is for personal home use. Projects are not to be produced for commercial purposes, nor are they to be made into items for sale without permission. For permission please contact  - 

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