Pixel Patchwork Cushion

I decided to stick with something pretty simple - a cushion comprising of 9 rows of 9 squares, 81 squares in total. For anyone who'd like to give this a go here's the template I used to cut out the squares - available HERE for you to download. 

I would advise washing and pressing the fabric scraps first. This way, any shrinkage or movement of fibres will have taken place before the fabric is cut out, and is more likely to keep it shape when washed as a cushion. Make sure you cut out each square accurately and in line with the straight grain. Taking into account of the fabric uptake when stitching together with a seam allowance approximately the width of the machine presser foot, it makes a cushion that will easily fit a 45 x 45cm square cushion pad. It can be sized up or down as you wish - although you will need to calculate carefully how much. 

Join the squares together in rows first, then, join the rows to make a square - taking care to match the seems as you go along. Make sure you keep the seem allowances the same size all the time to make sure your squares stay square, and of equal sizes. A little bit of variation can make a big difference.

When you have your completed Pixel Patchwork square, you can make your cushion using my Free Easy Cushion Pattern downloadable PDF

Cut out the pattern to give both sides of the cushion. I would advise that you use a pre-washed light, white or cream cotton for the front as this will make the colours you use look more vibrant - anything dark will make a fine fabric look dull.  Making sure it is completely flat, mount the patchwork on the front cushion piece and secure by sewing around the edge. 

Continue by following the instructions provided with the cushion pattern. 

There you have it - you can use any colour combination you wish. You could use your own combination or pixelate one of your favourite photos using one of the many free photo editing websites or apps with a pixelator filter. 

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