Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Stashbusting.....Patchwork Duvet Cover

I had a big stash of fabric and not much space to store it. My little daughter was coming up to the age where she was ready to sleep in a proper bed - a lovely old one, passed down through the family. I couldn't find a duvet cover in the shops which wasn't pink and girly, gimmicky or just another brand promotion, and I wanted something a little bit quirky and individual but not too naff. The solution was staring me in the face!

A lovely vintage-style patchwork duvet cover! Perfect for that homespun look that fits so nicely with the old wooden bed, and a great way of using all those cotton prints I had stashed away. Not too difficult to do, although took a certain amount of planning re measurements etc and I can understand how a project could be a little daunting for some. So....... I've made it nice and easy for you guys and provided you with a pattern.
This one I did is for a single size duvet. It is made of simple squares, has a sheeting border which frames and shows off the patchwork, and a sheeting back to give a soft smooth surface for your little one's delicate skin. For a clean finish it has a simple side opening with a button fastening(just one of the options).
What's great about this duvet cover is that once done one you can make another in a different colour or patterns - the options are endless. You can then, if you wish, use the lefover offcuts to make cushion covers or a laundry bag (watch this space) for a matching look, at a fraction of the cost of the shop-bought equivalent.

Get my free Patchwork Duvet cover Pattern and instructions


  1. this is gorgeous! what a great waay to use up your stash, i'm looking to start mine soon. great blog by the way!

  2. Thankyou!
    It's early days for the blog but it's great to get such positive feedback. Would love to see pics of your cover when it's done. Hoping to get many more projects up for 2012. All the best amd Happy New Year.