Sunday, 24 March 2013

Plan B... Quick Flower Fix

origami flowers, paper tulips, make your own tulips

A few months ago I planted some tulips. I love'em - they're one of my fave flowers and I was hoping that by now, the time of year when it's usually beginning to warm up , that my (very bare) mantelpieces would be graced with little jars of home-grown Tulips. OH, NO, not a chance. It's currently 2 degrees out there and it snowed practically all day yesterday. It's almost April, British summertime begins next weekend and it's fffreezing. MY poor ol' Tulips aint having any of it. Well, ok, whatever...but I was determined to have flowers so....plan B (take note Mr Osbourne). 
I thought about knitted or crocheted flowers but I fancied a bit of a change and perhaps something I could do with the little one, a bit of origami perhaps? This is not something I normally do, so I needed instructions- and it had to be seriously easy....and seriously easy it was. I found a nice little tutorial online and, well, you can see I now have flowers. I think they look great.
What's more, the Easter hols are coming up next week - would make a good project to do with the kids.

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